Yongshan Ding

Yongshan Ding joins Yale’s Department of Computer Science as an Assistant Professor. His research focuses on quantum computer systems, specifically through co-design of quantum algorithms, software, and devices. Ding has developed novel techniques for quantum error correction, quantum memory management, and optimizations at the quantum-classical interface. His work has been recognized with two Best Paper Awards by IBM Q and QCE’20 and two Honorable Mentions in IEEE Micro Top Picks. Additionally, Ding is the lead author of a textbook, Quantum Computer Systems, in Morgan-Claypool Publisher’s synthesis lectures in computer architecture. He has been supported by a Siebel Scholarship and a William Rainey Harper Dissertation Fellowship. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago and his B.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and Physics from Carnegie Mellon University.