Diversity and Faculty Development

The Faculty of the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office has been in existence since 2014 when Tamar Gendler took office as the inaugural Dean of the FAS. From the beginning, the Dean of the FAS sought to develop a strategic plan for inclusive excellence at Yale. In spring 2016, Dean Gendler appointed Kathryn Lofton as interim Deputy Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development.

Guided by the 2016 FAS Senate Diversity and Inclusivity Report, Kathryn Lofton chaired an Advisory Committee for Diversity and Faculty Development that developed a set of recommendations for the FAS to implement. With the support of the Office of the Dean of FAS, this Committee led a search for an inaugural dean to serve this work. In spring 2018, Larry Gladney was announced as the inaugural Phyllis A. Wallace Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.