A carved stone shield is makes up a wall over an arched window. The shield is emblazoned with the text "lux et veritas," Yale's motto.

Exploring tomorrow’s questions today

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is home to 1200+ faculty and 50 departments and programs that span the divisions of Humanities, Social Science, and Science, and the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Our work transforms the lives of our students and leads to fundamental discoveries that change understandings of the past and shape experiences of the future. Below, you will find news and stories of the impact of the FAS along with resources for FAS faculty and staff.

Deepening understanding; expanding horizons

How can learning from the past help us build a better future?

FAS approaches

Tracking the history of climate change
Mary-Louise Timmermans

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Understanding our world by understanding the past
Yale History Podcast

Department of History

What can data teach us about the human condition?

FAS approaches

Training students in the art of prediction and explanation
Department of Statistics and Data Science
Advancing data-driven policy approaches
Institution for Social and Policy Studies

How can our research improve lives?

FAS approaches

Reimagining public safety and justice
Philip Atiba Goff
Philip Atiba Goff

African American Studies and Psychology

Reducing poverty by harnessing growth
Pinelopi Goldberg
Pinelopi Goldberg


Developing experimental therapies to fight illness
Paul Turner
Paul Turner

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

How can new tools illuminate old challenges?

Resources for FAS Faculty and Staff

Information on tenure and promotion, faculty development, searches, and other FAS processes and policies.

FAS Announcements for Faculty and Staff

FAS in the News

News about FAS faculty, departments, programs, and more

History of Art

Welcoming new FAS faculty

35 new ladder faculty and professors and 20 new instructional faculty members will join the FAS during the 2021-2022 academic year. Their expertise and approaches span the academic disciplines.

Celebrating FAS leadership

Leadership by FAS faculty members has a transformative impact at Yale and beyond

Jennifer Richeson Philip R. Allen Professor of Psychology

Richeson was appointed to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), a distinguished panel that advises the White House.

William Jorgensen
William Jorgensen Sterling Professor of Chemistry

Jorgensen has been selected as a 2021 Citation Laureate for his influential contributions to the field of computational chemistry.

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Unlocking the science of perception

Damon Clark, neuroscientist and member of the FAS faculty, seeks to understand how animals extract information from visual patterns in the natural world.

Help the FAS Advance

The FAS collaborates across disciplines, pursuing breakthroughs that improve the world today and for future generations. You can help this work advance by taking part in the Yale Campaign.