Faculty Leaves

Leave requests

Pre-tenure faculty leaves: please see the memos to FAS department and program chairs regarding research leave eligibility for tenure-track faculty on FASTAP 2007 and FASTAP 2016 and the procedures and deadlines for submitting a pre-tenure leave proposal. The process for non-tenured faculty leave proposals is managed through Interfolio.

Tenured faculty leaves: the process for tenured faculty leaves can be found on the OFAS Website.

Instructional faculty leaves: See the policy on Professional Development Leave for instructional (non-ladder) faculty and our most recent memo with instructions for applying.

Detailed information regarding faculty leaves is included in the Faculty Handbook.

For detailed procedures of the FAS academic leave process, please refer to the OFAS Leaves and Teaching Relief website.

Processing leaves

Once approved, the faculty member and the department will receive an approval notification. Research leaves for tenured faculty and non-research leaves, teaching relief or disability for all faculty are added automatically to Workday, and the chair’s assistant (or equivalent) only needs to adjust the costing allocation where that is relevant. For non-tenured ladder faculty research leaves or instructional faculty Professional Development Leaves, the chair’s assistant (or equivalent) should refer to this Workday Training Guide to process the leave in Workday.

For all leave types, the chair’s assistant (or equivalent) must manually return the faculty member from leave status in Workday once the leave is over.

When FAS department/program chairs go on leave, the central FAS business office processes the leave and return from leave in Workday.