Lauren Benton
July 9, 2024
In a new book, Yale historian Lauren Benton explores the rampant — and seemingly incessant — small wars that shaped imperial power between 1400 and 1900.
Giant Clam
June 28, 2024
In a new study, Yale researcher Alison Sweeney found that giant clams in the Western Pacific may be the most efficient solar energy system on the planet.
June 26, 2024
By Abiba Biao To nominate an FAS faculty member to be featured in this series, please email fas.dean@yale....
hurricane off the east coast of the United States
June 18, 2024
Yale climate scientist Alexey Fedorov explains the reasons why experts are predicting a more active Atlantic hurricane season.
Image of Michael Veal
June 17, 2024
In a new book, Yale’s Michael E. Veal draws on the language of architecture and photography to show how John Coltrane and Miles Davis transformed modern jazz.
Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
June 17, 2024
Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, a professor in the practice at Yale, was honored for the best revival of a play during the annual Tony Awards ceremony on Sunday.
(AI-generated image of a frightened man, created and edited by Michael S. Helfenbein)
June 13, 2024
Through a novel approach, Yale researchers translate data from monkeys to better understand how paranoia arises in the human brain.