FAS Dean’s Office

The FAS Dean’s Office oversees faculty searches, recruitment, hiring, mentoring, promotions, retentions, and compensation for all ladder, instructional, and research faculty in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, as well as departmental staffing, budgeting, strategic planning, and policies and practices throughout the FAS.

Some positions in the FAS Dean’s Office are held by ladder faculty, some by career administrators holding advanced degrees, and others by dedicated administrative staff.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Tamar Szabó Gendler

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy; Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science.

Faculty Leadership


Kathryn Lofton

FAS Dean of Humanities; Lex Hixon Professor of Religious Studies, of American Studies, of History, and of Divinity

Social Science

Kenneth Scheve

FAS Dean of Social Science; Dean Acheson Professor of Political Science and Global Affairs

Science; Diversity and Faculty Development

Larry Gladney

FAS Dean of Science; Phyllis A. Wallace Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development in the FAS; Professor of Physics

Additional Faculty with Part-Time Leadership Responsibilites

Academic Affairs

Margaret Clark

Dean of Academic Affairs, John M. Musser Professor of Psychology, Head of Trumbull College


Yajaira Suarez

Chair, Biological Science Advisory Committee; Anthony N. Brady Professor of Comparative Medicine and of Pathology; Deputy Chair, Comparative Medicine

Faculty Affairs

John Mangan

Senior Associate Dean; Dean of Faculty Affairs

Jason Zentz

Associate Dean

Alexandra Apolloni

Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and Outreach

Dorottya Noble

Assistant Dean

Sarah Logan

Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs

Micah Cormier

Director, Special Media Projects

Lisa Turner

Communications Specialist

Taylor Mascari

Senior Administrative Assistant

Neyza Sanchez

Senior Administrative Assistant

Daniel Oshiro

Senior Administrative Assistant

Syndia Amazan

Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean of the FAS

Carolyn Kyrtopoulos

Senior Administrative Assistant

Patrick Myers

Senior Administrative Assistant

Business Operations and Development

Theresa Pierson

Director, Staff Operations

Julie Sweigard

Assistant Director of Administration & Operations

Mary Magri

Senior Director, Finance and Administration

Jennifer Medina

Manager of Finance and Administration

Linda Relyea

Manager, Budgets and Financial Analysis

Dana Foster

Senior Director of Development for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Yuanyuan Zhang

Data Analytics and Research Project Manager

Central Support for Departments

Mary Callahan

Web Support Specialist, FAS

Eamonn Edge

Web Support Specialist, FAS

Marc Francis

Film Programming Manager, FAS

Megan Hauck

Faculty Appointments and Promotions Specialist

Dawn Hemstock

Faculty Appointments and Promotions Specialist

Alex Nedelcu

Senior Administrative Assistant