Faculty Activity Reports

As of academic year 2017-2018, all faculty members must submit their annual Faculty Activity Report (FAR) via Workday. These pages provide faculty with instructions for preparing the FAR and CV and submitting these documents via Workday.


1. Where is the FAR form?

Click on these links to download the forms for ladder and instructional (non-ladder) faculty.

2. What do I write on the form?

Please refer to the FAR content and Detailed guidance sections of the FAR request memo for ladder faculty or instructional (non-ladder) faculty.

3. How do I submit my FAR and CV?

Follow these instructions for uploading to Workday.

4. How do I know my FAR and CV were successfully submitted?

The FAR and CV will display immediately after submission in the Worker Documents list.

5. What if I need to delete and reupload my documents?

Follow these instructions for deleting and reuploading.

6. What if I need to edit the document category of my FAR or CV?

Follow these instructions for editing the document category.

7. Can a department staff member upload on my behalf?

Department staff do not have the Workday permissions to upload on the faculty’s behalf. This is something that the faculty must prepare and submit themselves each year.

8. Where can I find more detailed information?

More information can be found in the annual FAR Request Memos, which are emailed to faculty, and are also in a yellow box on this page.

Revised 10/21/2019


Sara Wilhelm

Appointments & Promotions Coordinator