Lecturer-Track Faculty Appointments

For lecturer-track faculty procedures, please contact when applicable the relevant (Sr.) Associate Dean. For English, it is Jason Zentz (jason.zentz@yale.edu), in other Humanities units it is John Mangan (john.mangan@yale.edu), and in Social Science and Science it is Bob Burger (robert.burger@yale.edu).

Throughout these procedures, when a lecturer or senior lecturer is considered for initial appointment or, along with senior lecturer II, reappointment or promotion in one of the Area Studies Councils of the MacMillan Center, the Center functions as the department, and the director of the Center functions as the department chair.

The lecturer track includes the ranks of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer II.

The procedures linked in the blue column on this page apply to searches, reappointments, and promotions for instructional (non-ladder) lecturer-track faculty. Forms and templates for these processes may be found in the Instructional (Non-Ladder) Appointments Document Library.

Please refer to the senior lecturer criteria and senior lecturer II criteria within this track.