Language Study Committee (LSC)


The Language Study Committee (LSC) is a standing committee that advises the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on foreign language education at Yale and provides counsel to the director of the Center for Language Study. The LSC has a broad charge which includes oversight of all language instruction carried out by the departments and programs of the FAS, and increasingly over language instruction conducted elsewhere at Yale, wherever common sense and efficiency suggest that such instruction should be coordinated, or at least linked, centrally. The committee also participates in the promotion and reappointment reviews of candidates for the rank of Senior Lector II, and reviews applications for professional development leaves made by language faculty.

Committee Membership for 2023-24

Fernando Rubio | Committee Co-chair; Director, Center for Language Study 

Theresa Schenker | Committee Co-chair; Senior Lector II, Germanic Languages and Literatures

Hussein Fancy | Associate Professor with Tenure, History

Alessandro Giammei | Assistant Professor, Italian Studies

Sarah Insley | Assistant Dean for Graduate Education

Mary Jo Lubrano | Associate Director for Language Education and Research, Center for Language Study

Constantine Muravnik | Senior Lector II, Slavic Languages and Literatures

James Patterson | Senior Lector I in Latin and Greek, Classics

Lourdes Sabé | Senior Lector I in Spanish and Portuguese

Risa Sodi | Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Advising and Special Programs, Yale College

Jim Tierney | Senior Lector I in English; Director of the English Language Program, Center for Language Study

Quang Van | Senior Lector II, Vietnamese Language Studies, MacMillan Center

Mika Yamaguchi | Senior Lector I, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Jason Zentz | Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Past Committee Membership

2022-23 Language Study Committee

2021-22 Language Study Committee

2020-21 Language Study Committee

2019-20 Language Study Committee

2018-19 Language Study Committee

2017-18 Language Study Committee

2016-17 Language Study Committee

2015-16 Language Study Committee

2014-15 Language Study Committee

2013-14 Language Study Committee