2022-23 Language Study Committee (LSC)

Committee Membership for 2022-23

Theresa Schenker | Committee Co-chair, Senior Lector II, Germanic Languages and Literatures

Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl | Committee Co-chair, Director, Center for Language Study; Associate Dean, Yale College; Professor (Adjunct), Linguistics

Tom Connolly | Associate Professor of French

Irina Dolgova | Senior Lector II in Slavic Languages and Literatures

Jane Edwards | Senior Associate Dean and Dean of International and Professional Experience, Yale College

Kasturi Gupta | Program Director, South Asian Studies Council

Sarah Insley |  Assistant Dean for Graduate Education

Mary Jo Lubrano | Associate Director for Language Education and Research, Center for Language Study

James Patterson | Senior Lector I in Latin and Greek, Classics

Lourdes Sabé | Senior Lector I in Spanish and Portuguese

Risa Sodi | Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Advising and Special Programs, Yale College

Jim Tierney | Senior Lector I in English; Director of the English Language Program, Center for Language Study

Shawkat Toorawa | Professor and Chair of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Quang Van | Senior Lector II, Vietnamese Language Studies

Mika Yamaguchi | Senior Lector I, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Jason Zentz | Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences