Binyam Mogessie

Binyam Mogessie joins the FAS faculty as Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Mogessie was born and raised in Ethiopia. He moved to Germany in 2004, where he studied biochemistry and cell biology at Jacobs University Bremen. He then moved to the UK for his PhD with Anne Straube, first at the Marie Curie Research Institute in Surrey and later at the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology in Warwick, where he investigated the cellular mechanisms that organise the microtubule cytoskeleton during skeletal muscle differentiation. After receiving his PhD in cell biology from the University of London, he joined the laboratory of Melina Schuh in 2012 as a postdoc at the MRC-LMB in Cambridge (and later at the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany), where he discovered a function of the actin cytoskeleton in accurate chromosome segregation and the prevention of aneuploidy in mammalian eggs. Binyam established his independent research laboratory at the University of Bristol, School of Biochemistry in 2018, where he is a Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale fellow and HFSP Young Investigator. He also received a Seed Award from the Wellcome Trust and funding from the Rosetrees Trust and Royal Society. His lab is investigating actin- and microtubule-based cytoskeletal ensembles that promote healthy egg development and embryogenesis in mammals.