Vanessa Ogle

Vanessa Ogle joins Yale as an Associate Professor in the Department of History. Ogle is a historian of global Europe from the 18th century to the present, focusing on the history of capitalism, economic history, and empire in global perspective with particular interests in Western Europe (Britain, France, Germany, mostly). Ogle conceives of Europe broadly and seeks to place European history in the context of its interactions with the wider world. The sprawling nature of capitalism and the world economy require an engagement with non-European history. Similarly, Europe’s imperial and colonial past beyond the geographic boundaries of the continent is an important part of that history. Ogle’s first book, The Global Transformation of Time: 1870-1950, explored the history of globalization, tracing changing political, economic, and legal regimes of time during an area of intensified interactions between Europe and other world regions. Ogle earned the Ph.D in History from Harvard University.