Paul Grimstad

Lecturer, Humanities

Paul Grimstad is Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Humanities. He writes regularly for The Believer, BookforumLondon Review of BooksThe New Yorker, n+1, The Paris Review, Music and Literature, The New RepublicTimes Literary SupplementRaritan, and other journals and magazines. He is the author of Experience and Experimental Writing: Literary Pragmatism from Emerson to the Jameses (Oxford, 2013) which was recently the focus of a symposium in the journal Nonsite. He has contributed chapters to Melville’s Philosophies, The Oxford Handbook to Edgar Allan Poe, Stanley Cavell and Literary Studies and the Oxford History of the Novel. While an assistant professor of English at Yale he received the Sarai Ribicoff ’79 teaching prize for “instruction and character that reflect the qualities of independence, innovation, and originality.” He has taught literature and philosophy at NYU, Columbia and Yale.