Gregory Marouard

Lecturer, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Gregory Marouard is Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC) and a Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Yale University.
He obtained his doctorate (2010) in Archaeology and Art History from the University of Poitiers, France, with a specialty on settlement and domestic archaeology for the Greco-Roman period in Egypt. Before joining Yale in July 2020, he was Senior Research Associate at the Oriental Institute and Lecturer at the Department of NELC at the University of Chicago.

His main research interests and teaching themes include settlement archaeology and urbanism in ancient Egypt, household archaeology, ancient Egyptian harbor archaeology, history of ancient techniques and technologies. He also focuses on the development of new technologies and innovative approaches in archaeology.

Trained in Classical and Egyptian Archaeology, he has excavated several sites in Europe and participated in numerous rescue excavations in France before focusing actively on ancient Egypt. He has participated in over twenty archaeological missions and surveys in various parts of the Nile valley and the Egyptian deserts since the late 1990s, collaborating with the French institute (IFAO), the German institute (DAIK), the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) and several European and American universities and institutes. His extensive field expertise over two decades encompasses most of Egyptian history from the Predynastic Period and the Old Kingdom to the Greco-Roman and Coptic periods.

He has been co-directing since 2009 the excavation at Tell Edfu, Upper Egypt, with Nadine Moeller, Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Yale. In 2015, he engaged an extensive survey at a newly discovered early Roman harbor in the Eastern Nile Delta. He has also focused his research on harbor sites for the Pharaonic period along the Red Sea shore, for over a decade at Ayn Sukhna and since 2011 he has been supervising several operations at Wadi al-Jarf, the harbor of king Khufu on the Red Sea. He is consultant archaeologist for the Epigraphic Survey of the Oriental institute (Chicago House) in Luxor.