A tiny group of stars in orbit around the Milky Way. Credit: S. Gwyn
April 12, 2024
If confirmed as a galaxy, the system would be the faintest galaxy ever discovered — and may suggest that many others remain to be discovered.
April 12, 2024
In a semester-long lecture series open to the public, Yale’s David W. Blight will explore the history of slavery and its continued effects.
April 10, 2024
Yale Economist Philipp Strack has won the John Bates Clark Medal, widely considered the most prestigious award bestowed on young American economists.
April 5, 2024
The renowned cultural and literary journal was recognized by the American Society of Magazine Editors in the category of Literature, Science and Politics.
a father reads to his daughter
April 2, 2024
In a new study of Syrian refugee families with small children, fathers viewed themselves as highly involved parents; their wives often begged to differ.
April 2, 2024
By Abiba Biao  To nominate an FAS faculty member to be featured in this series, please email fas.dean@yale....
President Peter Salovey and Professor Luciano Floridi
April 2, 2024
Professor Luciano Floridi, founding director of Yale’s Digital Ethics Center and professor in the practice in the Cognitive Science program, and President Peter Salovey...