Criteria - Tenure or AOPT to PROF (FASTAP 2016)


Criteria for appointment or promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure or Professor (FASTAP 2016)

Updated 07/10/2017

“Tenure at Yale is awarded to scholars who stand among the foremost leaders in the world in a broad field of knowledge. It is reserved for candidates whose published work significantly extends the horizons of their discipline(s). A tenure appointment is a permanent, forward-looking commitment, and therefore requires evidence of an ongoing and ambitious research agenda.

“An assessment of candidates’ leadership is based on the impact, at the very highest levels, of their research and peer-reviewed scholarship. Excellent teaching and engaged University and professional citizenship within and beyond a department or program are also expected. Tenure at Yale may be awarded at the associate or full professor rank.

“Associate professors are expected to build upon the accomplishments that earned them their permanent appointments, so that within a reasonable period of time their body of work will merit their consideration for full professor.

“The title of full professor is earned by those individuals who have a body of distinguished achievements in their record of research, with a commensurate national and international reputation, and who (continue to) display the excellence in teaching and service that is expected of all tenured professors at Yale.”

(Report of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences FASTAP Review Committee, 1 September 2016)