Boa-Teh Chu

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

B.T. Chu, B.Sc., National Central University, China, Ph.D., The John Hopkins University, faculty member at Yale since 1963: you were lured to Yale from a faculty position at Brown at a time when all of engineering was in a single department. As a consequence of the breadth of your interests, which span fluid mechanics and solid mechanics, you served as a much-needed cohesive ‘force’ within the Department of Engineering and Applied Science and its successor, the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In addition, you have been a bridge to our colleagues in Yale/Geophysics and other leading Engineering Universities.

Through your publications, you have made lasting contributions to gas dynamics, materials science, and acoustics. By direct collaboration and graduate student advising, you have had a significant impact on the research of your colleagues. Your unselfishness in sharing your deep knowledge of applied mathematics and your intellectual rigor have been recognized and cherished by your colleagues and distinguished graduate students. As you retire, your admirers thank and salute you.

Tribute Editor: Penelope Laurans