Scholars as Leaders; Scholars as Learners (SAL2)

Scholars as Leaders; Scholars as Learners (SAL2) encompasses a suite of opportunities for FAS faculty that support their continued growth as scholars, teachers, and university citizens. The program represents an ongoing commitment by the FAS to nourish innovation and excellence, to build collaboration and community within and beyond departments and programs, and to celebrate and sustain the quality and distinction of our faculty. (A set of links to SAL2 programs can be found at right.)

The FAS is grateful to the anonymous donor whose generous gift in support of faculty leadership and excellence has provided budgetary support for this five-year initiative.

Many of the SAL2 programs are open to all FAS faculty (ladder, instructional, and research); others are restricted to faculty at particular career stages. FAS faculty are encouraged to participate in those for which they are eligible.

Yale’s FAS is a singular place: our relatively small scale, our permeable boundaries between departments and divisions, our unwavering commitment to faculty leadership, and our consistent devotion to excellence in both research and teaching give rise to community of colleagues who stimulate one another in unusually creative ways. The opportunities that compose the suite of SAL2 programs are designed to recognize and reinforce these distinctive features of the FAS.

Dean Tamar Gendler
February 2018
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