Junior Faculty Manuscript Colloquium

Each Assistant Professor or Associate Professor on term in the FAS is eligible for a one-time grant to support an occasion where they will receive high-level professional feedback on their academic work.

The FAS will provide up to $3,000 in support of a pre-publication book colloquium, a small conference, or attendance at an event where the faculty member will receive in-depth engagement with their research. Funds may also be used to support attendance at a mentoring workshop sponsored by, for example, an academic organization, learned society, or a funding agency such as the NIH or the NSF.

Events funded with this support should be timed to maximize the impact of the intellectual engagement with the scholar’s work prior to their formal review at Yale.


Each pre-tenure ladder faculty member in the FAS is eligible to receive this grant once. Funds may only be used to support events where the faculty member will receive dedicated feedback on their work. Allowable costs include honoraria for outside readers, travel expenses, meals, or other costs directly related to the event.

Application Process

Assistant Professors should confer with their mentors and chairs about the best timing and use of the funds. The department chair, with input from the Assistant Professor, will prepare a short written request and budget that describes the event, its participants, and the means by which engaged intellectual feedback will be offered to the faculty member. 

Chairs should send requests directly to sal2.fas@yale.edu with Junior Faculty Manuscript Colloquium in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.