Faculty Leadership Institute (FLI)

To advance Yale’s goals of cultivating innovative thinkers, educating a diverse body of students, and leading in scientific and humanistic research, Yale needs audacious and creative leaders committed to working across academic disciplines and divisions. The Faculty Leadership Institute will cultivate mid-career, tenured faculty who have the potential to excel in these respects and have distinguished themselves as outstanding community members. Through skills-building workshops and conversations on the nature and politics of institutional leadership, the Faculty Leadership Institute will equip these faculty members to lead and shape Yale for the next generation of students and scholars.

By providing training and mentorship that models how academic leadership is a form of intellectual work, this year-long program will foster a culture of creative leadership in the FAS. In so doing, it will enable strategic succession planning at the departmental and decanal levels and will increase demographic and disciplinary diversity among FAS leadership.

This program will introduce participants to colleagues and structures across the University and provide them with fundamental leadership training and skills in a range of areas including: gaining awareness of the organization and operations of Yale as an institution; thinking broadly about the role of higher education; understanding the financial landscape against which the university operates; developing fundamental leadership skills including working and communicating effectively with colleagues, staff and students within and beyond a department; effectively managing budgets and other resources; fostering and inspiring a commitment to excellence; cultivating collaboration and community.


Tenured FAS faculty who are serving or have served in a departmental or university leadership role (such as DUS, DGS, Chair, Head of College, etc.) may be nominated for participation in the University Faculty Leadership Institute by their department chair or divisional dean.

Application Process for 2020-21

Details concerning this program will be circulated soon.