Faculty Activity Committee (FAC)


The formation of this committee follows the recommendation of the Committee for the Economic Status of the Faculty (CESOF), whose 2016-2018 report urged that the FAS “form a committee to redesign the Faculty Activity Report to facilitate accurate and thorough documentation of service of all kinds: not only on university committees, but also within departments and beyond Yale.”

The charge of the Faculty Activity Committee for 2018-19 is three-fold:

  • Examining current systems within the FAS (e.g., the FAR and electronic tracking of information) for collecting information about faculty activities in research, teaching, and service;
  • Learning about best practices in peer or other relevant institutions concerning the assessment of faculty activities;
  • Recommending ways to improve the quality of information relating to accomplishments of faculty within the FAS at Yale, which could include revisions to the current FAR or additional ways to collect these data.

The charge of the 2020 Faculty Activity Committee (FAC) is to identify and propose ways that we might make committee and other forms of University service more manageable, equitable, and recognized. 

Committee Report

Faculty Activity Committee Report (2019)

2020 Committee Membership

Mary-Louise Timmermans | Committee Chair, Professor of Geology and Geophysics

Peter Aronow | Associate Professor of Political Science and in the Institute for Social and Policy Studies, and of Public Health (Biostatistics)

Jack Dovidio | Senior Advisor to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Carl Iver Hovland Professor of Psychology, Professor in the ISPS and of Epidemiology

Larry Gladney | Phyllis Wallace Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Physics and of Astronomy

Joe Fischel  |  Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Daniel Harrison | Allen Forte Professor of Music Theory

Maria-Lourdes Sabé-Colom | Senior Lector I, Spanish and Portuguese

John Mangan | Senior Associate Dean; Dean of Faculty Affairs, FAS

Past Committee Membership

2018-2019 Faculty Activity Committee