Course Release for Tenured Associate Professors in Teaching-Intensive Departments


FAS ladder faculty members whose normal teaching expectation is two courses per semester (i.e., 2-2, for a total of four courses per year) may be relieved from teaching a single course one time while they hold the rank of associate professor with tenure.

This course release is granted with the understanding that the following conditions are in place:

  1. the tenured associate professor expects to remain at Yale for the foreseeable future,
  2. the tenured associate professor teaches an undergraduate-facing course during the course release semester,
  3. the course release does not occur during the same academic year as an academic leave,
  4. the department or program affirms that it will not need to request replacement teaching,
  5. the FAS Dean’s Office, in consultation with the department or program, approves the request.

February 18, 2019

Procedure for Application and Approval

  • The faculty candidate submits a written request to the relevant department/program chair for review.
  • After affirming the department/program will not need to request replacement teaching, the chair forwards the request with their approval to with a cc to John Mangan at
  • The FAS Dean’s Office will then submit a written response to the faculty candidate, with a copy to the chair, as well as