Roy Lederman

Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science

Roy Lederman joins Yale as Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science and a member of the Quantitative Biology Institute. Lederman is interested in the organization and analysis of data, and he is working on computational and modeling problems in cryo-Electron Microscopy, a technology for mapping molecular structures. He works on various problems of alignment, classification, and signal processing that are motivated by application in cryo-EM. He is particularly interested in heterogeneity; for example, imaging of mixtures of different types of molecules. He also works on “hyper-molecules”, which represent heterogeneous molecules as higher-dimension objects. Lederman returns to Yale after being a postdoc at Princeton University. He served as a Gibbs Assistant Professor at Yale prior to this. Lederman has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Yale and one B.Sc. in Physics and another in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University