Maria Gendron

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Maria Gendron’s research interests stem from questions such as: why do some people experience such a diverse range of emotions? Why does culture create a barrier to a mutual understanding of each other’s states? She addresses questions like these with research grounded in the traditions of social and cultural psychology. Gendron employs a multi-method approach, including ambulatory, fieldwork and lab-based behavioral studies, and increasingly neuroimaging methods. Among the institutions that have funded her investigations are the National Institutes of Health and the Army Research Institute. In addition, her works How and why are emotions communicated?, “Emotion perception as conceptual synchrony”, and “Revisiting Diversity” to mention a few, have been published by the Oxford University Press, the Emotion Review, and Current Opinion in Psychology, respectively. Maria Gendron holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Boston College.