Lector-Track Faculty Searches & Initial Appointments

Last revised: 10/2/2019

For searches and appointments for one semester or one year, please refer to the Single Semester/Year Appointment Procedures page. For multi-year searches and appointments, please refer to procedure steps 1 – 8.


Those engaged in the teaching of foreign languages at Yale may be appointed to one of these ranks: lector, senior lector I, or senior lector II. They are characterized by an increasing level of programmatic and pedagogical responsibility and by the qualifications and experience of the candidates appointed to them. The rank of lector is appropriate for those who have native or near-native language proficiency and some training in language pedagogy, have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, but who have had relatively little teaching experience. That experience might range from teaching during graduate training to fewer than three years of full-time teaching at the college level.

The University does not typically make initial appointments at the level of senior lector II.

Note: A search may only go forward if the Teaching Resource Advisory Committee (TRAC) approves in advance the ongoing resources necessary to support the position.

Candidates for appointment to the rank of senior lector I will have: a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent; substantial teaching experience with documented evidence of excellence; the capacity to carry out administrative or other departmental responsibilities such as directing courses, contributing to the training of language teachers, or serving on departmental committees; and evidence of professional growth and activity, either at Yale or nationally, in support of the department’s language teaching mission as further described in criteria set forth by the Language Study Committee with the concurrence of the Steering Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Timeline and Terms of Appointment

Lectors may be appointed for terms varying from one semester to three years, renewable to a maximum of six years in the rank. Lectors who are not promoted within six years of continuous appointment are not renewed. (See Faculty Handbook, IV.I) Senior lectors I may be appointed for terms varying from one semester to three years, and their terms are renewable following a favorable review and a recommendation from the department. There is no limit on the number of terms to which senior lectors I may be reappointed, depending on continued high performance and need for the position.