Dinner Proposals

The Connection and Collaboration Dinners program is intended to foster faculty collaboration across departments and divisions, and to rebuild community in the FAS and SEAS in the wake of the period of remote operations necessitated by the pandemic.

The program aims to encourage faculty to reconnect with colleagues, meet new ones, and develop networks that might lead to new avenues in teaching and research. To facilitate this, the FAS and SEAS Dean’s Offices will provide funds to support dinners or lunches for groups of approximately 4-8 faculty, representing two or more FAS and SEAS departments.  

Discussion at these gatherings may be formal or informal: gatherings might take the form of a salon or focused discussions of ideas and projects; or they may simply be informal gatherings to have conversations about an area of shared interest. Events may be in-person or virtual. Faculty are encouraged to reach out to colleagues from across the FAS and SEAS in formulating proposals.

You may submit a proposal using the form below. If, instead of proposing a dinner, you would like to sign up to attend a dinner, you can complete the online sign-up form.


  • Gatherings may take place at any time in spring ro summer 2023.
  • Requests will be considered on a rolling basis. Requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of the proposed event date to allow sufficient time for the approval process.
  • Requests should take the form of a 1-paragraph description of the proposed gathering, with a provisional list of participants, details on the event venue and schedule, and a theme or area of common interest that will be the focus of the event. The list of participants should enumerate specific individuals who will participate or will be invited to participate. You may submit your request using the online request form below.
  • For each event, one faculty member must serve as the main point of contact and should submit the request on behalf of their group.  
  • Each faculty member may submit a maximum of one request in the summer and one in the fall, and priority will be given to groups that are substantially different from those that have previously been supported under this program.
  • We will provide a maximum of $50 per person, or up to $1000, whichever amount is lower.
  • Groups must include 4 or more ladder or full-time, multi-year, instructional faculty members, representing at least two FAS or SEAS departments. Groups of faculty representing at least two of the FAS Divisions or SEAS will receive highest priority. There is no maximum group size; however, the maximum amount of funding is $1000 per group.
  • The FAS and SEAS Dean’s Offices will request brief feedback (i.e. a short paragraph) on the impact of the gathering from awardees.


Applications welcome from:

  • any ladder faculty member with a primary or fully joint appointment in an FAS or SEAS department or program, or
  • any instructional (non-ladder) faculty member with a primary or fully joint full-time multi-year non-visiting appointment in an FAS or SEAS department or program or the MacMillan Center.

Request form

Please provide the name of one FAS or SEAS faculty member who will serve as the main point of contact for this event.
Please provide the email address of the FAS or SEAS faculty member who will serve as the main point of contact for this event.
Please indicate when your event will take place.
Please indicate the proposed location of your event.
Please provide a list of faculty members who will attend or will be invited to attend the event. Please be as specific as possible and indicate the name and department of proposed attendees. If your proposal is approved, you may then amend your list of attendees.
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