Malina Buturović

Malina Ćirić Buturović joins Yale as Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics on July 1, 2024. She is appointed as a Postdoctoral Associate for the 2023-24 academic year. Her work explores the interrelations between ancient Graeco-Roman scientific, philosophical, and cultural conceptions of the body.

Her current project, The Transmission of Fault: Heredity Between Medicine and Theology, traces the entangled histories of Graeco-Roman medicine and philosophy forward and backward from the world of ‘Imperial Greek.’ Through readings of Plutarch, Galen, and their contemporaries on questions of heredity, ancestral fault, and intergenerational responsibility, she argues for the mutual shaping of humanistic and medical discourse in antiquity and for the continuing repercussions of this entanglement in modern thought. Recent papers connected with this project have addressed early Christian theories of the resurrection body, a long-lived anecdote about the strange behavior of goats who eat sea holly, and Hannah Arendt’s writings on Platonist ethics and collective responsibility. 

Buturović received her Ph.D. from the Princeton Department of Classics and the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities (IHUM) in spring 2023, where she was an IHUM fellow, Harold W. Dodds Fellow, and Prison Teaching Initiative Graduate Fellow.