Quincy Ngan

Assistant Professor of the History of Art

Quincy Ngan is Assistant Professor the History of Art and a Research Fellow at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University. Professor Ngan’s research explores color, pigments, and materiality in traditional Chinese painting, as well as representations of skin in Chinese art from the premodern era and thereafter. His current book project explores the oeuvre of the famous but understudied colorist Qiu Ying, examining how azurite blue and its connatural counterpart malachite green conditioned the meaning of Qiu’s paintings. Professor Ngan is developing a second project on representations of skin in China, as well as the politics and economy of beautiful skin and light complexion throughout Chinese history. Ngan received his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Chicago, respectively. Previously, he was Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa.