Initial appointment as assistant professor (AP1)

Timing: The Initial appointment as assistant professor is made for five years, with a term beginning July 1 or (in some cases) January 1.

Documents: For the templates and forms needed for this review, see the FASTAP 2016 Document Library.

Process: Departments and appointing programs engage in a rigorous international search “with the objective of appointing the finest and most promising faculty.” Please refer to our Search Procedures Page.

Criteria: Candidates for assistant professorships at Yale should “exhibit the potential for significant research and scholarly publication; their work should exhibit qualities that give the department grounds to think that, if this potential is realized, then by the time the candidate is considered for tenure, their work would significantly extend the boundaries of their disciplines, such that the candidate will stand among the foremost leaders in their field in the world…[and] should demonstrate excellent prospects for effective and creative teaching and mentoring, and display the potential for a career of engaged departmental, professional and university citizenship.”