2023 Faculty Activity Report Process - Instructional Faculty

Friday, November 17, 2023

[Summary: This message outlines the Faculty Activity Report submission process for FAS instructional faculty for 2023.]

To: FAS multi-year instructional faculty 
Cc: FAS Dean’s Office; Office of Faculty Administrative Services; FAS Department Chair’s Assistants, Lead Administrators, and Operations Managers

Dear colleagues, 

We write to you to begin our annual Faculty Activity Report (FAR) process for the 2023 calendar year. This process informs salary changes and allows chairs and FAS Steering to make recommendations based on your accomplishments.  

To be considered for a salary increase, you must submit an up to date FAR and CV. (Even if you have submitted materials during the current academic year for reappointment or promotion, you must still submit an FAR.)  

The submission system is now open; the deadline to submit your materials is January 18, 2024.

Instructions for submitting the FAR

  1. Deadline for submission: January 18, 2024 

  1. Please log in to submit through Workday

  1. The FAR response form is downloadable here

  1. Instructions for uploading your FAR and CV are available on the FAS Website. Please make sure that the proper Document Category (Faculty Activity Report or Curriculum Vitae) is assigned to each document. Note: Please do not delete prior years’ documents. 

  2. Once your FAR and CV are successfully submitted, they will immediately display in your Documents section, which serves as confirmation. 

  3. For assistance submitting your FAR, please email itsteam1@yale.edu and begin your subject line with “FAR”.  A dedicated IT support person will respond to your request. 

  4. For general questions about the FAR process, please email fas.dean@yale.edu.  

Note: department administrators do not have the Workday permissions to upload the FAR on your behalf.

FAR content

On your FAR response form, please list or describe your activities and accomplishments for the calendar year 2023.   

Some of the information for the annual activity report—your appointment history, courses taught (with enrollments), and certain University committees—comes directly from university records. This information, together with your CV and FAR response form, will be available to your department chair(s) and to the FAS Dean’s Office to guide the annual review process. 

The current FAR response form is based on recommendations by the 2019 Faculty Activity Committee.  

Describing your accomplishments and activities

When completing the “noteworthy accomplishments” section, please make sure that you highlight those aspects of teaching and service from calendar year 2023 that represent your major achievements of that year.  

You may also wish to describe activities that may not be reflected in our system-generated records or are not readily apparent in your CV. This may include details on student advising; guest lectures and conferences within and outside Yale that are connected to your teaching role; and service – both formal and informal – to the University, your profession, and your community.

Making changes to your FAR

If you wish to make changes to your 2023 FAR or CV (prior to the deadline) you can delete the uploaded version and upload a revised one directly in Workday. Please refer to the FAR instructions to make any changes. Please do not delete or alter prior years’ documents.

Questions and concerns

For technical assistance with submitting your FAR, please email itsteam1@yale.edu and begin your subject line with “FAR”.  A dedicated IT support person will respond to your request. 

For general questions about the FAR process, please email fas.dean@yale.edu.

Best wishes,


Tamar Szabó Gendler
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy
Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science