Policies for Fall 2021 FAS department meetings (August 23, 2021)

To: FAS Department and Program Chairs

Cc: FAS Steering

Dear FAS Department and Program Chairs,

A number of you have inquired about policies regarding department meetings in the fall. In recognition of the logistical challenges associated with the Covid situation, ordinary department meetings may be held remotely, in-person, or in hybrid form, depending on the preference of the unit. No additional clearance is required from your Health and Safety Leader to hold such a meeting in person, even if it involves more than 20 people.

Department meetings at which tenure and promotion decisions occur should be held in person, with the option of remote participation for those faculty who have formal accommodations through the university. Departments seeking local adjustments to this policy should consult with their cognizant dean (Katie Lofton, Steven Wilkinson, or Jeff Brock). Tenure Appointment Committee (TAC) meetings will take place in person.

With gratitude for your leadership at this challenging time,


Tamar Szabó Gendler
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy
Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science