Phase 2 research reactivation and building access for Humanities and Social Sciences (July 10, 2020)

[SUMMARY: This message outlines research reactivation and campus building access procedures for faculty and graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences, includes links to required trainings and health checks, and announces a town hall to take place on Wednesday, July 15.]

To: Humanities and Social Science Graduate Students and Faculty
Cc: FAS Steering; FAS Dean’s Office; Humanities and Social Science Lead Administrators, Operations Managers, and Chair Assistants

Dear faculty and graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Yale:

On June 29, 2020, the Provost announced that Phase 2 of Yale’s Research Reactivation will begin on July 20. For the Humanities and Social Sciences, this phase allows access to campus for faculty, staff, and trainees (including masters students, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers and associates) undertaking the research activity permitted in a researcher’s primary working space. We continue to recommend working from home for those whose work can be completed remotely.

We organize research reactivation in the Humanities and Social Science at the building level. In the next several weeks, you will receive information specific to your building. This may include specific instructions about common space use, instructions about high-touch common items (such as scanners, printers, and kitchen appliances), and the name of your building safety officer. If you are a student in a joint degree program, or a jointly appointed faculty member, you will receive information about multiple buildings.

You may not immediately return to your building. Prior to returning to campus after July 20, you must complete online training (discussed below) and receive specific instructions about building use from your building safety officer. If you have not received such instruction by August 7, write to to inquire about your building access.

To answer any questions or concerns you have about Phase 2 On-Campus Research Reactivation in the Humanities and Social Sciences, we will have a town hall open to all faculty and graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences from 12-1 p.m. on Wed., July 15. This is the link for the webinar. The password for access is 546856.

General guidelines:

  • This e-mail serves as notification of your eligibility to come on campus. Eligibility is not the same as access. Eligibility allows you to complete a required online training. Access will occur once the divisional dean has approved your building safety plan. No one can come to campus until they have heard from their local safety officers confirming the building-specific plan.
  • Every individual approved to return to campus must complete a 25-minute online training on Yale COVID-19 safety protocols prior to returning to campus. Individuals must access the Training Management System (TMS) here to fulfill this requirement. Once you click that link, you scroll down to Returning to Yale and go to the third bullet: COVID-19 Return to Yale Campus Training (Required for all returning faculty and staff).  Once you click on this, you will be at the training. (Note: you must be signed in through VPN to access the training.)
  • Every individual who comes to campus must conduct a Daily Health Check, and stay at home and contact their health provider if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Face coverings will be worn at all times, including during entry and exit and in all indoor common spaces and public areas while on campus. Face coverings may be removed in individual, solely occupied offices while the door is closed.
  • “Welcome back” packages including masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes will be available at locations on campus (check the YPPS website for pick-up locations). Individuals may alternatively use their own masks, disinfectant, and wipes.
  • Individuals will practice six-foot physical distancing at all times when on campus.
  • Do not meet in groups without the ability to maintain safe physical distancing.
  • Building use hours for faculty and students are restricted in Phase 2 to 8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. in order to provide defined times for facilities personnel to access these buildings.
  • Bathrooms are temporarily restricted to one occupant at a time, with new signage reminding users of this restriction. Electric hand dryers have been replaced with paper towels.
  • Undergraduates are not permitted on campus during both Phase 1 and Phase 2.
  • FAS departmental staff are not expected to return to campus during Phase 2. Exceptions to this policy will be granted only in extenuating circumstances.

We thank you for your continued support of public safety on our campus.

Lynn Cooley
Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Tamar Szabó Gendler
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Alan Gerber
FAS Dean of Social Science

Kathryn Lofton
FAS Dean of Humanities