February 11, 2016
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences team welcomes Bethany Zemba to the position of Senior Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), effective January 11,...
February 10, 2016
YaleNews features works recently or soon to be published by members of the University community. Descriptions are based on material provided by the publishers. Authors of new...
February 8, 2016
It may be even trickier to predict the strength of El Niño weather patterns than previously thought, according to a study by Yale researchers.
February 4, 2016
When Alice Waters decides where to eat, she weighs one factor about a restaurant above all others. “I think the only bottom line I have is the purity of the food,” she said,...
February 4, 2016
A new science satellite, the ASTRO-H X-ray Observatory, will blast into the cosmos this month with a full payload of Yale University expertise.
February 4, 2016
The formation of the vertebrae in early embryonic development requires an intricate genetic dance requiring precise timing and interaction of many different cells.
February 3, 2016
Professor Jeffrey Powell began working on the mosquito that transmits the Zika virus when he was an undergraduate student 49 years ago.  He has a life-long...