June 2023 News

Artist’s interpretation of an array of pulsars
June 28, 2023
New studies by Yale faculty and colleagues offer the first direct evidence of a gravitational wave background, confirming standard models of black hole growth.
Dickinsonia, an early animal from the Rawnsley Quartzite Formation in South Australia, is about 550 million years old. (Courtesy of L. Tarhan)
June 27, 2023
Using a particular type of sedimentary rocks as their guide, Yale’s Derek Briggs and colleagues begin to tackle the question of when animals first appeared on Earth.
June 15, 2023
A new study by Yale’s Shiro Kuriwaki and colleagues explored how much of the electoral bias seen at the national level can be traced back to party-led efforts.
June 12, 2023
In a new course this spring, FAS Dean Tamar Gendler merged classic texts with recent findings in cognitive science to reimagine ancient wisdom.
June 8, 2023
Yale’s David Watts, who has studied Uganda’s Ngogo chimpanzees for decades, describes the strengths and shortcomings of Netflix’s popular “Chimp Empire.”
June 7, 2023
The new Center for Geospatial Solutions will enhance Yale’s research, training, and infrastructure in the fields of geospatial science, data, and analysis.
Painted Bunting. Photo: Julie Torkomian/Audubon Photography Awards
June 1, 2023
Yale’s Richard Prum explains the relationship between beauty and evolution in buntings.