Midterm proctor requests (September 17, 2020)

This message provides details for Fall 2020 midterm proctor requests; for Spring 2021, please see the updated notice.

[Summary: Proctor requests for midterm examinations must be submitted by September 23, 2020 using the online request form.]

Dear FAS faculty,

In a September 14 message to faculty teaching in Yale College, we recommended that, should you have no alternative in administering online midterm and final assessments, you use remote proctoring conducted over Zoom with Yale personnel. We write now with information about how to request proctors for midterms. You will receive a second request form for proctors to assist during final examinations.

If you wish to request a proctor(s) for your midterm, please submit this form no later than September 23rd

When filling out the form, please bear in mind each proctor should be assigned ten students. Teaching fellows should serve as proctors as they normally do and should not be included in your request. Please indicate on the form only the number of proctors you will need in addition to your teaching fellows.

Detailed information about the responsibilities of instructors and proctors and instructions for proctoring, is available here.

Questions regarding the proctoring program may be direct to askpoorvucenter@yale.edu.

Best wishes,

Tamar, Marvin, and Lynn

Tamar Szabó Gendler
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Marvin Chun
Dean, Yale College

Lynn Cooley,
Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences