COVID-19 travel guidance (March 3, 2020)

Dear FAS Colleagues,

Late yesterday afternoon, you received the message below from Paul Genecin (Director of Yale Health) and Don Filer (Associate Vice President for Global Strategy). I encourage you to read it in full, and to familiarize yourself with Yale’s new COVID-19 website.

Several of you have asked whether you should rethink your spring travel plans in light of the situation. Yale’s advice is as follows: “COVID-19 spread and response continue to change rapidly for travelers abroad as well as in this country. Keep in mind that any travel may be disrupted in the coming months … We urge you to consider carefully your travel choices and whether it is necessary to travel at this time [boldface in original].” 

If you do travel, whether domestically or abroad, please be sure to register your travel so that the university can support you in the case of an outbreak or restriction.

Good health to all of you, wherever this March break may (or may not) bring you.



Tamar Szabó Gendler
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy
Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science