February 17, 2017
More than 30 years ago, Yale historian David Blight stood high atop a ridge near the Maryland coast and took in a view, the memory of which still awes him.
February 16, 2017
The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering has elected 24 of the state’s leading experts in science, engineering, and technology to membership in the academy,...
February 15, 2017
On Tuesday, April 18, acclaimed Indian writer Amitav Ghosh will deliver the Finzi-Contini Lecture under the auspices of the Whitney Humanities Center (WHC).
February 13, 2017
Philosopher Catherine Malabou will deliver a talk titled “Are There Still Traces?” at the Whitney Humanities Center on Tuesday, March 7.
February 13, 2017
A detection device designed and built at Yale is narrowing the search for dark matter in the form of axions, a theorized subatomic particle that may make up as much as 80% of...
February 10, 2017
Yale faculty and students will present a staged reading of “The Madness of King George,” Alan Bennett’s play about the British monarch who ruled during the time of the...
February 10, 2017
“The Art of Life in South Africa,” a new book by historian Daniel Magaziner, tells the story of the students and teachers trained at the Ndaleni school during the apartheid...