A schematic drawing of a superconducting qubit coupled to phonons inside a sapphire crystal. Inset shows the energy spectrum of phonons measured using the qubit.
September 21, 2017
Yale scientists have created a device that uses sound waves to store quantum information and convert it from one form to another, inside a single chip.
Four new faculty members in the History Department
September 20, 2017
Meet the four new full-time faculty members: Deborah Coen, Samuel Moyn, Sergei Antonov, and Carolyn Roberts.
The Milky Way
September 20, 2017
New research indicates that the Milky Way’s satellite galaxies are much more tranquil than other systems of comparable luminosity and environment.
Photo of a duck by Patricia Brennan
September 20, 2017
A Yale study of ducks illustrates how social forces can shape individual anatomy and suggests how sexual conflict and sexual autonomy shapes social behavior.
Yale University Shield
September 19, 2017
Writing as amici (“friends of the court”), the schools argue that “even in its more limited form,” the ban harms academia and “should be invalidated.”
September 18, 2017
President Peter Salovey and enginnering Dean T. Kyle Vanderlick were among those on hand to dedicate the new Greenberg Engineering Teaching Concourse.
September 18, 2017
The original purpose of moral outrage could be perverted in the Internet age, argues Yale psychologist Molly Crockett in the journal Nature Human Behavior.