Retrieval of materials from on-campus offices for Humanities and Social Science faculty (May 18, 2020)

The procedure outlined below applies to faculty in the Humanities and Social Science divisions. Science and SEAS faculty instructions are available here.

[Summary: This message provides instructions for Humanities and Social Science faculty for requesting access to faculty offices for the purpose of retrieving necessary materials needed for teaching and/or research.]

To: FAS Humanities and Social Science Faculty
CC: FAS Steering; FAS Dean’s Office; Humanities and Social Science Lead Administrators, Operations Managers, and Chairs’ Assistants

Dear Humanities and Social Science Faculty members,

As the gradual process of re-opening described in our memo on May 13 begins, we are glad to be able to allow limited, brief access to on-campus offices to retrieve necessary research and teaching material. To mitigate the need for disinfection and cleaning, such access will be limited to visits based on demonstrable need and will be scheduled and staggered to maintain social distancing protocols.

Office visits will begin the week of June 1, 2020 in alignment with the launch of Phase 1 of Yale’s re-activation of research operations as outlined in Provost Strobel’s May 13 message.

To request office access, please email with “Office access request” in the subject line.

In your email, please provide the following information:

  • A description of the materials you need to retrieve (1-2 sentences is fine; we do not need a full enumeration)
  • Your office location, including (building and room number)
  • Preferred date and time for your visit (dates must be after June 1; please be as flexible as possible), with an estimate of how long it will take you to retrieve the needed materials. To allow for appropriate staggering, we may not be able to accommodate all requested dates and times; thank you in advance for your flexibility regarding scheduling.
  • If, for personal health or other reasons, you prefer to send a deputy in your place to retrieve the materials, please include the name of that person in the request so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

As June 1 approaches, FAS Dean’s Office staff will notify of the status of your request and of a scheduled date and time for your office visit.

The above procedure applies to faculty offices only; if you require materials from a carrel or locker in the Yale Library, please consult the Library’s COVID-19 FAQ or email for information.

Thank you,

FAS Dean’s Office

Office access for faculty in SEAS and Science

Faculty in SEAS and the division of Science my request office access by emailing their department chair and including:

  • A brief description of the materials you need to retrieve
  • Your office location, including building and room number
  • Preferred date, time, and duration of your visit