February 2020 News

A map of Yale's campus with north Science Hill circled in red
February 25, 2020
A pair of working groups will consider developing a new building on Science Hill to advance the pursuit of quantum science, engineering, and materials research.
Sterling Professor of English Ruth Yeazell ’71 Ph.D. takes in a lesson during her Directed Studies class
February 24, 2020
Sterling Professor of English Ruth Yeazell ’71 Ph.D. has taken the semester off from teaching to be “on the other side of the table” in Directed Studies. 
Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg
February 21, 2020
Goldberg, the Elihu Professor of Economics at Yale and outgoing chief economist of the World Bank Group, discusses world politics and global poverty.
February 19, 2020
Even a brief 20-minute introduction to mindfulness concepts can help people deal with physical pain and negative emotions, a new Yale study shows.
“Languages in Dialogue” meets in the Poorvu Center for Teaching & Learning
February 18, 2020
Taught by Dina Roginsky and Sarab Al Ani, “Languages in Dialogue” aims to transcend politics through the study of language and culture in the Middle East.
FAS Dean of Humanities Kathryn Lofton
February 17, 2020
Kathryn Lofton has been appointed to a five-year term as FAS Dean of Humanities (through June 2024), pending formal approval by the Yale Corporation. Lofton has played many...
February 14, 2020
Using a process called clumped isotope paleothermometry, a Yale team has determined that temperature-wise, dinosaurs had more in common with birds than lizards.