February 2018 News

The cover of Milette Gaifman's new book on Athens
February 28, 2018
This book presents an innovative look at the imagery of libations, the most commonly depicted ritual in ancient Greece, and how it engaged viewers in religious performance.
The insignia of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering
February 27, 2018
Election to the academy is offered to “distinguished scientists and engineers from Connecticut’s academic, industrial, and institutional communities.”
Photograph of Dow Hall at Yale
February 26, 2018
True to Yale’s mission as a liberal arts university, every undergraduate student is required to gain proficiency in a new language before graduating. Although Yale offers...
The structure of the O2-evolving complex (OEC) is shown here, depicting the hydrogen bonding network in cyanobacteria.
February 26, 2018
Researchers at Yale and UC-Riverside recently identified a key similarity in the way water oxidation occurs in green plants and bacteria during photosynthesis.
A photograph of Sterling Memorial Library
February 22, 2018
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is rolling out a five-year program called “Scholars as Leaders; Scholars as Learners,” or “SAL2,” which will offer a suite of opportunities...
A photograph of the PremieBreathe device
February 21, 2018
Yale’s Anjelica Gonzalez is leading a team to develop a low-cost respirator that delivers warmed, oxygenated air to infants with respiratory complications.
Stock image representing data
February 20, 2018
Last month Yale launched the new Center for Biomedical Data Science, which will act as a hub for research and education in biomedical data science at Yale.