Department and Program Chairs

Contact info for chairs and their assistants may be found in this table. The list of chairs for the spring 2018 semester is located hereDepartments and programs marked with † are cross-divisional.


African American Studies†

Jacqueline Goldsby

Department Chair; Professor of English, African American Studies & American Studies

American Studies (Program)†

Kathryn Dudley

Program Chair; Professor Anthropology & American Studies


Emily Greenwood

Department Chair; Professor of Classics & African American Studies

Comparative Literature

Martin Hägglund

Department Chair; Professor of Comparative Literature & Humanities

East Asian Languages and Literatures

Tina Lu

Department Chair; Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures


Langdon Hammer

Department Chair; Niel Gray, Jr. Professor of English

Film and Media Studies

Francesco Casetti

Department Chair; Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of Humanities; Professor of Film Studies


Maurice Samuels

Department Chair; Betty Jane Anlyan Professor of French

Germanic Languages and Literatures

Kirk Wetters

Department Chair; Professor of Germanic Language and Literature


Naomi Lamoreaux

Department Chair; Stanley B. Resor Professor of Economics & History

History of Art

Timothy Barringer

Department Chair; Paul Mellon Professor of the History of Art

Humanities (Program)

Bryan Garsten

Program Chair; Professor of Political Science and Humanities

Italian Language and Literature

Millicent Marcus

Department Chair; Professor of Italian


James Hepokoski

Department Chair; Professor of Music

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Shawkat Toowawa

Department Chair; Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations


Verity Harte

Department Chair; George A. Saden Prof of Philosophy and Classics

Religious Studies

Kathryn Lofton

Department Chair; Professor of Religious Studies, American Studies, History, & Divinity

Slavic Languages and Literatures

John Mackay

Department Chair; Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Film Studies

Spanish and Portuguese

R. Howard Bloch

Department Chair; Sterling Professor of French

Theater Studies (Program)

Daniel Harrison

Program Chair; Allen Forte Professor of Music

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Program)†

Inderpal Grewal

Program Chair; Professor of WGSS, American Studies, & Anthropology

Social Science


Anne Underhill

Department Chair; Professor of Anthropology


Roderick McIntosh

Acting Chair, Spring 2018; Professor of Anthropology


Dirk Bergemann

Department Chair; Douglass & Marion Campbell Professor of Economics & Computer Science


Robert Frank

Department Chair; Professor of Linguistics

Political Science

Steven Wilkinson

Department Chair; Nilekani Professor of India & South Asian Studies & Professor of Political Science & International Affairs


Frank Keil

Department Chair; Charles C & Dorathea S Dilley Professor of Psychology & Linguistics


Philip Smith

Department Chair; Professor of Sociology

Statistics and Data Science

Harry Zhou

Department Chair; Professor of Statistics


Applied Physics

Charles Ahn

Department Chair; William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Applied Physics & Physics & of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science


Sarbani Basu

Department Chair; Professor of Astronomy


Gary Brudvig

Department Chair; Benjamin Silliman Professor of Chemistry; Professor of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Paul Turner

Department Chair; Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Gunter Wagner

Acting Chair, 2017-2018; Alison Richard Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Geology and Geophysics

Jay Ague

Department Chair; Henry Barnard Davis Memorial Professor of Geology & Geophysics


Igor Frenkel

Department Chair; Professor of Mathematics

Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Mark Hochstrasser

Department Chair; Eugene Higgins Professor of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry; Professor of Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Vivian Irish

Department Chair; Professor of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


Paul Tipton

Department Chair; Professor of Physics

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Biomedical Engineering

Jay Humphrey

Department Chair; John C. Malone Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Jaehong Kim

Department Chair; Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Zhong Shao

Department Chair; Professor of Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Leandros Tassiulas

Department Chair; John C. Malone Professor of Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Udo Schwarz

Department Chair; Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science; Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Additional Program Chairs

Applied Mathematics (Program)

Peter Jones

Program Chair; James E. English Professor of Mathematics & Applied Math

Cognitive Science (Program)†

Paul Bloom

Program Chair; Brooks & Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology & Cognitive Science

Ethics, Politics, and Economics (Program)†

Frances Rosenbluth

Director; Damon Wells Professor of Political Science

Ethnicity, Race, and Migration (Program)†

Matthew Jacobson

Program Chair; William Robertson Coe Professor of American Studies and Professor of African American Studies and of History

History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health (Program)

Deborah Coen

Program Chair; Professor of History

History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health (Program)

John Harley Warner

Acting Chair (Fall 2017); Avalon Professor in the History of Medicine, Professor of American Studies and of History

Judaic Studies (Program)

Steven Fraade

Program Chair; Mark Taper Professor of Religious Studies

Medieval Studies (Program)

Ardis Butterfield

Program Chair; John M. Schiff Prof of English, Prof of French & Music

Renaissance Studies (Program)

Carlos Eire

Program Chair; T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History & Religious Studies