Criteria - Tenure or AOPT to PROF (FASTAP 2007)


Criteria for promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure or Professor (FASTAP 2007)

Updated 07/10/2017

“Consideration for promotion to tenure will be detached from resource issues.”

“Individuals appointed to both tenured associate professor and professor will, in the language of the current Faculty Handbook, and as described above, ‘stand in competition with the foremost leaders in their fields throughout the world.’ Because a tenure appointment is without term, irrespective of rank, it is a forward-looking judgment, even as it is based on achievements to date. It expresses the University’s commitment to, and faith in, a faculty member’s ongoing career of distinguished research and scholarship, disciplinary and interdisciplinary leadership, committed teaching, and engaged university citizenship.

“Criteria for appointment or promotion to associate professor with tenure and appointment or promotion to full professor differ in degree, rather than in kind. Tenured associate professors are expected to have shown evidence of exceptional accomplishments and future promise that makes the sponsoring department confident that within five years they will merit promotion at Yale to the rank of professor.”

(Report of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Tenure and Appointments Policy Committee, 5 February 2007)

Also, as stated in the Faculty Handbook:

“The criteria for appointment or promotion to the rank of associate professor with tenure differ from those for professors in degree rather than in kind. Tenured faculty at Yale are expected to stand among the foremost leaders in their fields throughout the world. Associate professors with tenure are expected to develop the qualities of scholarship that earned them permanent appointments, so that within a reasonable period of time their value to the University and their national or international standing will make them suitable candidates for the rank of professor.”