Criteria – Professor in the Practice

Professors in the practice will be distinguished practitioners who demonstrate eminence in the field, sustained accomplishment, and sustained activity in their area of practice. They will hold national or international reputations for their innovative and transformational contributions to their practice, through creative work, professional leadership, practice-centered publications, or other demonstrations of significant accomplishment. Exceptional contributions as a practitioner are the basis of evaluation. This appointment is not intended for those whose field of practice is primarily that of teaching or pedagogy.

Terms of Appointment

Terms will be up to five years, with the possibility of reappointment in accordance with applicable policies and procedures. Initial appointment or promotion to this rank will require review by the appropriate Tenure and Appointments Committee and approval of the Yale Corporation.

Faculty Handbook, IV.I

Internal appointment/promotion to Professor in the Practice may occur from any instructional, research, or ladder rank.

Last updated 8/21/2020