Clarification of expanded eligibility for December Credit option

January 28, 2022

Dear Yale College instructors and residential college deans,

We write with clarification regarding Wednesday’s message about expanded eligibility for the December 2021 Credit option. The policy itself is unchanged, but we have prepared an FAQ to clarify its scope.

This credit option applies specifically to those cases where:

a. The course expectations included a final examination that the student was scheduled to take in person on or after December 19.

b. The previously scheduled final examination was not offered in person on or after December 19 (either because it was waived, rescheduled, or reformatted as a remote exam, take-home exam, problem set, paper, or other form of assessment.)

This credit option does not apply unless a case meets both conditions (a) and (b). (See FAQs for examples.)

Finally, some students have reported problems following the link to request a grade conversion by February 7, 2021. An alternative link is


Tamar Szabó Gendler
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Marvin Chun
Dean of Yale College