Review for reappointment as assistant professor (AP2)

Timing: This review is conducted in the penultimate year of the initial appointment – that is: in year three of the initial appointment as Assistant Professor.

Documents: FAS faculty are no longer being reappointed at this rank under FASTAP 2007. Contact Sarah Logan Gardocki at if you need to access old FASTAP 2007 reappointment documents.

Process: The appointing department(s) “assess(es) the progress of the faculty member’s research/scholarship, teaching, and service to the University and profession in an internal review.” The review process is conducted with the aim of providing feedback and mentoring. All assistant professors are now reappointed under FASTAP 2016.

Criteria: This reappointment was usually granted unless “evident and substantial problems warrant terminating the appointment in the fourth year.” Poor teaching can be one such problem.


Sarah Logan Gardocki

Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs